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  • Finally a Revenue Program Specifically for Smaller Markets!

    Only Pay for Signed Contracts!

    No Upfront Costs!

  • *Significant Ad Revenue Increase

    *One Week To Execute

    *Long-term Advertiser Agreements

    *Print & Digital…for Improved Response

    *We Sell on the Front Lines with Your Team

    *We Earn Our Fee Based On Results
  • *In One Week….We Make 101 Face to Face Sales With Your Team

    *We do all the training, program preparation and make every sales presentation with your sales team

    * We get paid based on the success of your program
  • $500,000+!!!

Instant Results

Longer term revenues solutions are nice, but sometimes your business needs an instant revenue boost. Then, the challenge becomes, how to generate $150,000+ in revenue in the next 30 days? The Weeks Group can deliver for you.


Boost Magazine Revenues

Magazines play an awesome role in generating advertiser results. Let us help you design a custom program to grow your advertising revenues, sign longer term advertiser contracts and refresh your market impact.


Sales Training Program

Our Zero to 60 sales training program is helping the industry to create motivated, productive and inspired sales representatives out of new hires and under-performers.