Cold calls are a waste of time for your sales team!

Let our winning appointment setting process set appointments for every one of your sales executives. Our program is so affordable that just one sale from anyone in your organization, could cover the annual cost for the entire organization. Our process starts by selecting a list of the very best prospects for the product or services that you are selling.   Next, we reach out via a series of targeted emails using creative messaging and a powerful follow-up process.

We can sort through thousands of businesses in just days and capture appointments with those most likely to become your next customer.

Here’s how your company benefits:

  • Sales reps regain 25% to 40% more productive selling time
  • Closing ratios are enhanced by making an invited sales call vs. a cold call
  • Your team appears more professional in the marketplace
  • Confidence of the team increases significantly
  • No annual contracts to sign. We earn your business on a monthly basis!